10 Ways to Prepare Your Business For the Worst [Checklist]

We don’t have to tell you. Disaster can happen at any moment and if you have been around the block a few times, you know that disaster is not just a major hurricane or fire like we see on TV. It is anything that can cause your business to stop operating normally for a considerable amount of time, like a sudden data loss, a cybercrime, losing key personnel, or failure of critical hardware.

With so many priorities pulling you in every direction, how are you supposed to focus on the essentials? What areas do you prioritize to get your risk management efforts on the right track?

To make the job a bit easier, we have created this checklist to serve as starting point for you to start protecting your business from disaster today. It will guide you through 10 key items that you should consider addressing to maximize the chances of your business surviving a disaster.

This checklist also reminds me of an infographic we shared recently on the 5 biggest threats your business is facing. Click here to check it out!

Envision- 10 Ways to Protect Business Checklist v2