Celebrity Personal Security Breach Underscores The Importance Of Cyber Security

Before the 1980s, most businesses that sold to consumers paid little attention to customer profiles. Most decided that the market would take care of itself and that people would buy their products based on generic needs. By the 1990s, however, as active market research became a more common approach to business, and as computers developed the capacity to store larger amounts of data, many consumer-based organizations began collecting database information about individual customers on their in-house servers.

CRM systems have reached a high point with the advent of cloud computing. Now, companies can collect and store virtually unlimited marketing-behavior data about customers and prospective customers in server farms in the cloud. Companies can collect this data from online behavior traces, in-store behavior, purchase patterns, even trait measurements from things like photographs stored in the cloud. The goal of the consumer-oriented business is to make personal appeals to particular customer needs. However, the information collected can also be dangerously vulnerable when it is on the cloud.

Recent hacks on the iPhone, which mined pictures and other data of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kate Upton, and others, have recently brought this problem back into spotlight. Apple engineers later established that these celebrity victims' data was stored in the iCloud with minimal password security. The accounts were hacked with brute force software, which eventually obtained account names and password data.

As huge amounts of data move onto the cloud, customer information becomes much more vulnerable. Some of the data on the cloud, now only minimally secured, includes phone records, credit card numbers, and financial information collected with CRM cloud software. Obviously, data stored in the cloud is broadly available to anyone who can access accounts on the cloud servers. In business, this is one of the great advantages of the cloud. Vendors of CRM systems and other cloud-based business software point out this advantage to their credit. However, the advantage is a double-edged sword. The positioning of sensitive information in the cloud clearly emphasizes the importance of cyber security.

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Carlos Coutin
Financial Services Technology Strategist