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5 Benefits of Skype for Business

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud subscription-based version of its productivity software suite created for teams and organizations that want to get things done fast. With all the good benefits of Office 365 — primarily the integration of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and One Drive into one package – many businesses have switched to Office 365 for Business. This is because the software bundle is specially tailored for business organizations and collaboration.

Despite the adoption of Office 365 for Business, many subscribers don’t know they have access to a valuable collaboration tool — Skype for Business.

Skype for Business is an application that has its roots in Skype. Its utility is geared toward businesses, unlike Skype, which was built to be an everyday software for those who are not Office 365 subscribers.

The cross-platform communication tool brings all team members into a single interface, regardless of their device and location.

Here are the features and benefits of using Skype for Business.

1. Cross-Platform

Skype for Business is a collaboration software that allows team members to communicate with one another regardless of the device they use. This implies that the platform (Windows, Android, iOS or Mac) used by team members doesn’t hinder them from communicating with one another.

Also, Skype for Business gives businesses an edge by allowing employees to communicate among themselves no matter where they are.

2. It Cuts Costs on Business Travels

Business organizations are always on the move. They want to know what customers are saying, want to meet with investors, visit their partners, etc.

Skype for Business helps you cut back on these business travels, which could set you back some dollars. With Skype for Business, you have the important option of having a video conference with partners, investors, suppliers, etc.

This is a brilliant option that can easily substitute for expensive travel.

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3. It Enhances Productivity and Communication

With the integration of Skype for Business and Outlook, you can schedule meetings and video conferences into your normal workday. You can do this on any device and any platform because Skype for Business provides you with an account that is synchronized on all your devices.

Skype for Business doesn’t just save time. It can also help you achieve tasks with ease. For instance, you can place a call to an individual by clicking on the “from” address in an e-mail. This feature makes communicating with colleagues, partners, suppliers, and customers a seamless experience.

4. High-Level Security Authentication

Skype for Business encrypts communication between users. It also prevents colleagues from sharing the resources within the platform with individuals.

This ensures only the devices and subscribers that have been approved by an organization can be connected.

With Skype for Business, you can easily know if a colleague is available for instant messaging or a call. Also, Skype for Business gives business organizations the option of allowing access to those only corporate devices or certain devices that meet the company’s security requirements.

5. It Helps You Track Expenditures

Business is only complete when you can account for income and outflow. For those looking to use Skype for Business as Voice-over-IP (VOIP) phone system, the good news is that keeping track of expenditures is simple.

With the aid of Skype Manager, you can centrally manage all your organization’s Skype accounts. You can allocate Skype credits, set up staff accounts, and keep an eye on how much everyone within your organization spends.

This is an easy way to keep track of how much your company spends on calls while identifying how you can save on spending.


As an Office 365 for Business subscriber, you automatically have access to Skype for Business. A built-for-business platform, Skype for Business can help you achieve more, especially by cutting back on business travels and expenses associated with meetings.

Also, the cross-platform feature gives every team member the freedom of using the device of their choice. If your organization is yet to utilize the benefits of Skype for Business, now is the time to do just that.

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