5 Little Known Office 365 for Business Features

Team management and collaboration in the workplace has never been easier than it is now with Office 365 for Business. You can install this cloud version of Microsoft’s well-known suite of applications, including Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Skype and Publisher on PC’s, Macs, and smart devices. Plus, rather than paying high up-front license fees, monthly/annual subscriptions are available based on number of users. Office 365 for Business is packed with an ever-growing list of features that can make life easier and employees more productive. To help you get the most out of Office 365 for Business, here’s 5 features I bet you didn’t know about.

Boomerang for Outlook

Boomerang for Outlook is a great feature of Office 365 for Business where users can effectively manage their email inbox. You can streamline the process of cleaning up your inbox. When you’re busy you’ll be able to mark any pertinent messages to review later and this cohesive email management application allows you to send messages at a scheduled time. You’ll even receive a notation if your email has not produced a reply from the recipient. You can even schedule meetings and advise team members of your real-time accessibility – all through the email portal.

Co-Authoring One Document Simultaneously

Co-Authoring in real-time is a beneficial feature of Office 365 that users can utilize to contribute to and edit documents simultaneously. This co-authoring feature is available in the Web Apps and on each device that has the software installed. Imagine a workplace environment where you don’t have to email attached documents for review. Take team projects to new heights as every member sees the contribution of content and the editing process in real-time. The workplace for both in-house and telecommuting employees and outsourced consultants can become a productive online environment. Sharing documents with clients for their review will be more effective and less time-consuming.

Microsoft Planner

Make team collaborations less chaotic and more productive with Microsoft Planner. This application is another excellent feature that is offered to Office 365 subscription holders. Users are able to manage team projects more effectively as they map out project plans, organize the project timetable, and assign tasks. Files can be easily shared. Another great benefit, team members can chat with each other to discuss work and get and give updates on project progress.

Microsoft Tasks

The Microsoft Tasks application enables users to amalgamate all their lists into one list in Outlook. The system sends out reminder notifications and users can effectively track their progress in completing all tasks. Individuals in management or team leaders can create tasks and then assign them to team members by sending out a task request. That request can be accepted, rejected, or assigned to another person. The user who assigned the task will get it back if the recipient declined the request. That user then needs to reclaim the task so it can return to the original task list. The “owner” of the task is the only person able to make changes to it. The system then copies all preceding owners of that task with any changes made. It sends a status report out to all parties involved, such as the original assigner, other prior owners, and anyone who has requested an update.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is another feature of Office 365 for Business Premium that can make a huge difference in how effective the workplace will be. When co-authoring documents, it may be necessary to chat with others involved in the process. To communicate with others, users can click the “Chat” button when working together in Word or PowerPoint documents. After the collaboration is over, they can continue the chat when everyone exits the document by utilizing Skype on any mobile device, laptop, or desktop.


With Office 365 for Business and Premium versions, you can install Office Applications for up to 5 Macs or PCs, or 5 tablets (including Windows, Android, or iPad), or 5 smartphones per user.
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