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6 Mobile Apps that are Perfect for the Busy Office Manager

Office managers have an important responsibility to keep their companies running smoothly. Technology can help you stay organized and make your daily tasks much easier. Consider the following six mobile apps when trying to maneuver through office busy-ness.


The FreshBooks mobile app helps office managers stay connected with their clients and handle all their accounting and invoicing needs, whether they’re in the office or on the go. Busy office managers can use the app to manage clients, send invoices, run timers, enter payments, and assess rates from previous tasks. This app will make a world of difference in simplifying your important accounting tasks.

Zero Cater

With the Zero Cater mobile app, you can provide lunches to employees at your office. Zero Cater has menu options for companies with over 80 employees. Make your next lunch and learn, staff meeting, or company event a snap with the customizable menu feature on this app.


If you have to be out of the office for a few days, you can use Basecamp to ensure that the workplace runs efficiently in your absence. The app has a feature to effectively track project progression involving employees, managers, CEOs, programmers, business developers, clients, and freelancers. Users can create to do lists, view them, and track deadlines to ensure that progress is being made on important projects. Plus, you can even store and share contracts and files online.


Maximize your time by using Evernote to take notes during office meetings and creative project sessions with colleagues. The app allows users to collect online content, write lists, and accumulate photos and notes. The system is easy to use and all uploaded data is easily accessible. With the click of a single button, you can transform your documents into a screen-friendly and professional layout. You can also access all your stored data on all devices, so you stay more organized.


Improve workplace efficiency with the Asana mobile app. Use this app to enhance communication between managers and employees, so you can help ensure that vital projects are finished effectively and before deadlines. Users can communicate through the app, rather than through a string of emails, which helps build teamwork. Office managers like you can track project progress, while keeping every team member accountable for work and pertinent deadlines.


If you need to make travel arrangements for employees, managers, or CEOs, Hipmunk  can help you be more efficient. This app is perfect for simplifying the process when making flight arrangements, notifying team members, and procuring authorization for these arrangements.  Plus, you can import team members’ calendars into the Hipmunk system, once travel arrangements are made. Make your job as an office manager easier, as you stay more organized and productive, with these six mobile apps. Looking for more recommendations? Check out our previous post: 8 Apps to check out in 2017 (Part 1)
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