Achieving Competitive Edge Through a
Solid Business IT Strategy

You can't improve if you can't measure. Our award-winning methodology will help you maximize
business continuity, increase the bottom line, align business and technology and reduce risk.

What is the 7C IT Competitiveness Workshop?

Using the award-winning IT Competitiveness Canvas methodology, the 7C Workshop is the startning point of business transformation. Through a questionnaire and a no-cost 1.5-hours interactive session with business executives, we measure how your business measures-up on 7 key areas where IT and business strategy come together through the IT Competitiveness Quotient

Our workshop is:

  1. Non-technical, business focused made for Executives
  2. A tool that helps CEOs improve the overall performance and value of their IT operations
  3. The best way of benchmarking how well your company measures up

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What do you get out of the workshop?

After filling out the questionnaire and going over the results, you will receive a comprehensive report that shows how your business scores in each of the 7 key areas of IT competitiveness. In addition, we will present you with a Canvas for your organization, which serves as the big picture roadmap of your IT Competitiveness as well as action plans on where to improve and align technology with business strategy.


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