Ryan Fleming

Envision has been key in supporting our organization’s IT and mobility needs. With their full range of cloud solutions, we have seen significant cost savings. Our employees now have the ability to work remotely from any device, while maintaining regulatory compliance and safeguarding the integrity of client data. Plus, with Envision’s advice, we have developed a comprehensive IT procurement calendar that supports our ongoing business planning.

Armstrong Fleming & Moore, Inc.

Rebekah Hersch, Ph.D

With Envision’s cloud solutions, we have the latest technology at our fingertips with convenience and mobility, without compromising speed and connectivity. With their help, we no longer have to worry about maintaining networks, systems, and licenses and with their outstanding and responsive customer service, we know that any issues we may encounter will be addressed quickly and efficiently so that we can work wherever and whenever we want.

Vice President
The ISA Group

Howard Berman

Envision has been our trusted IT partner for the last 10 years, providing top-notch customer service and procurement advice during this time. This relationship has resulted in considerable cost savings for ACTFL, and the knowledge that we are making the best technology-related decisions for the organization.

Director of Membership & Administration
American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages

Kris Cook

In our 10 years with Envision, our organization has evolved technologically through their recommendations. We count on their very responsive staff to ensure that our system downtime is minimized, days, nights, and weekends. Using Envision’s backup service, we have also transitioned from time consuming tape backups to automated, off-site backups. We can be sure our valuable data is protected from unexpected events.

Executive Director
National Affordable Housing Management Association