Structured Cabling

Establish efficient infrastructure with our expertise in applying effective and well-designed cabling systems

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Ensuring stability across networks is highly-prioritized by companies as this affects the performance of the entire IT operation. Companies invest highly on new systems, hardware, and software, but one thing that connects them all is a reliable cabling system.

Structured cabling supports multiple technologies, from voice and data to multimedia and network services such as ADSL, WAN, and LAN. A properly installed and designed cabling system adheres to the ANSI standards- increasing the value of your IT facilities while preparing you for ANSI accreditations and certifications. We offer structured cabling installation and data cabling services to companies in Reston, VA. Your company will benefit from our structured cabling services as improved network wiring makes any updates to your IT far more efficient.

Structured Cabling from Envision Consulting

The primary concern for businesses and organizations when designing cabling systems is to conform to ANSI standards. At Envision Consulting, we have decades of experience in ensuring cabling projects meet or exceed ANSI standards.

Envision Consulting is your trusted networking partner. Your business can rest assured that its cabling infrastructure will be designed to work not only today but in future applications.

We partner with the best cabling material providers in the areas we serve. This lets us provide cabling services that meet the demands of every client with their preferred brands and cabling types.

We are driven by our commitment to provide a means of a reliable and cost-effective linkage, taking into consideration that at both ends of the line, connectivity is between people, not between faceless systems.

Network Cables for structured cabling

Why the ANSI standards matter

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) creates the standards and practices for network cabling. Because of the vast amount of cabling types, the risk of confusion and lack of proper knowledge and planning can create problems for customers, equipment vendors, and installers. ANSI provides for consistency in design and installation, conformance with line requirements, and standards for design, installation, and maintenance.

Our Structured cabling services provide solutions to these cabling types.

  • Data Cabling
  • Voice Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Cabling Removal Services
  • New Construction Cabling
  • Renovation / Moving Cabling service

Working With Envision Means


True Proactive IT Management

Our multi-layered, structured process is designed to measure everything within your IT infrastructure, helping you break away from the traditional ‘firefighting’ approach that creates frustration and is a major hurdle to doing business.


Scaling Your IT On-Demand

Government contract awards can lead to fast growth in your business. Our team is ready to help you scale your IT resources to match those needs in a structured, professional way


Business Continuity

Empower your business with access to files and business applications from any computer, tablet, and smartphone anytime, anywhere in the world


Data Security & Compliance

We provide multiple layers of security and partner with the world’s leading cloud providers to offer you the most secure (physical and virtual) and compliant infrastructure used by the likes of Netflix, AirBnB and NASA


Fully Mobile Business

Our cloud services empower your employees to work wherever they are assigned, and our staff are ready to support you no matter where you are


Predictable Budget

Our fixed, per-user costs and transparent pricing help make your budget and cash flow predictable

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