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IT security in general is on the rise among businesses large and small in order to protect both company and personal employee data. In the healthcare industry, HIPAA compliance is government-mandated and necessary to ensure sensitive patient health records and information is kept secure.

We provide HIPAA compliance support & HIPAA compliance services for companies in the Washington, DC area. Our HIPAA compliance consulting team has helped a variety of companies achieve and maintain their HIPAA compliance.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects personal patient data, also called protected health information (PHI). It requires healthcare entities to create physical, network and process security measures that meet and maintain HIPAA compliance standards surrounding patient data.

If an organization is found to be in violation of HIPAA compliance steep fines and penalties can be assigned. Fines for non-compliance can start as low as $100 per violation and reach as high as $1.5 million for repeat offenders, so it is a must that your institution needs to adhere to its guidelines. Here's what your organization needs to know about HIPAA requirements.

How Envision Consulting Can Help Your Business

Cyberattacks targeted at companies within the health industry are becoming more and more common. As hackers create more sophisticated programs, security within organizations that handle this sensitive data need to also grow and become more sophisticated. Envision Consulting assists organizations in creating a HIPAA compliant technology infrastructure.

These days, hackers look for any and all information they can grab from databases. Since 2001, Envision Consulting has been helping clients in creating bulletproof internal security systems. We can help your company achieve HIPAA compliance. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your company identify and mitigate risks related to HIPAA compliance.