Mobile Device Management | Washington, DC

Empower your business with mobility, security and control.


Mobile devices should be an opportunity for productivity and business growth, not a burden. We empower you with the tools to centralize device management and give you full control and visibility on usage, device configurations, inventory, and data security.

Envision Consulting provides Mobile Device Management support and solutions to companies in the Washington, DC area. Our MDM solution will help you manage your company's mobile devices with a state-of-the-art software tool.

With Envision's MDM tool, you will be able manage and monitor devices from a centralized platform. Through an application installed on mobile devices, you can now bring personally owned or company provided smartphones and tablets to your business without compromising data security, compliance, and employee connectivity.

Envision Mobile Device Management is ideal if you:

  • Have a mobile workforce
  • Are concerned about the security of your data, particularly in the event of lost or missing devices
  • Find it challenging to control how employees use devices, particularly when using personal smartphones and tablets for business
  • Would like to control costs of data plan usage
  • Need to meet security compliance requirements or would like to easily implement and enforce security policies
  • Want to successfully implement Bring Your Own Device policies without compromising security

Benefits of Envision MDM Include:

Easy Set-up and Configuration

  • Configure device settings such as MS Exchange or personal e-mail, wi-fi access, installed applications and VPS client connection.
  • Enroll employee and company-owned mobile devices over the air.

Global Visibility

  • Keep a detailed inventory of devices and view detailed information for smartphones and tablets such as memory, drive space, and installed applications.
  • Pinpoint the physical location of a mobile device on a map and identify the physical locations a device has been at in a given period of time.
  • Generate customized reports with built-in reporting features.

Security and Risk Management

  • Define passwords and complexity requirements, apply auto-lock after inactivity period and auto-wipe after preset number of failed logins.
  • Create and enforce security policies across all smartphones and tablets./li>
  • Minimize financial risk when a device is lost or stolen.

Cost Control

  • Avoid data plan overage charges with automatic data usage threshold alerts.
  • Centralized management and support minimizes the time spend configuring devices and addressing user issues.

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