7 Reasons Small Businesses Switch to Cloud-Based Software

Cloud computing can not only help reduce upfront computing costs, it can also help your business become more efficient. Small-business owners often have big dreams. Whether that dream is to keep your business small or to grow it into a big business, you want your business to run as smoothly as possible—every step of the […]

Make employees your (cybersecurity) knights in shining armor

Employee Cybersecurity

Your business is a castle. And that castle needs protection in an increasingly digital and connected world. Although the large, corporate data breaches tend to grab headlines, attacks on smaller businesses are increasing because they may have less sophisticated online and cloud security practices in place. Plus, malware and inadvertent employee misuse tend to be […]

Understanding virtualization and how it relates to cloud technology

You’ve heard about virtualization, but what exactly is it? Virtualization creates a virtual—rather than physical—version of a computer operating system, computer network resource, or storage device. For instance, with your computer, you can create a virtual machine that behaves like a separate physical computer. In this case, your virtual machine co-exists on the same computer […]

5 Tips For Startups To Win With Social Media

Employees Biggest Cyber threats

Courtesy of Cindy Bates, Vice President, Microsoft U.S. SMB group There’s an old saying that goes “if you want to catch fish, go where the fish are.” When it comes to your SMB, the “fish,” are your customers and with more than 74 percent of all online adults using social media, it’s likely a good […]

Group Exercise Challenges: A Cheap Way to Build and Boost Morale for All! (Even Offsite and Remote Workers)


It isn’t rocket science: Healthier employees are happier employees! Even better, your employees’ happiness ensures higher retention rates while their good health can cost you less money in insurance premiums. With inactive adults costing around $1500 per year more in medical expenses, many insurers are offering significant discounts for the continued implementation of corporate wellness […]

5 Valid Reasons No One Likes the IT Guy/Gal – and Why They’re Wrong

IT Consultant

Imagine being the IT person for a second – having to swoop in like a bespectacled Batman, saving the ignorant populous from their own mistakes.  Of course, after these incomparable feats of heroism, the IT person is not held up as a savior. Instead, they are villainized, receiving nothing but a half-hearted “thanks.” Why is […]

How to Make Your Association’s Members Feel Like Part of the Same Team

Running a membership organization can be extremely rewarding, but it can come with plenty of struggles as well. At worst, a poorly run or disorganized association can ignite discord in the workplace. A well run and cohesive association, however, can be powerful, and capable of acting with far more strength than the sum of its […]

Four Keys for Planning a Good Small Business IT Budget

IT Budget Strategy

While the chance to lobby for a budget on behalf of your IT team and its goals can be exciting, it can also be a stressful endeavor – especially for the IT manager of a small business or organization that doesn’t have the resources of larger businesses. Balancing the requirements of keeping the IT department […]