4 Steps to Creating a Cybersecure Home

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and to kick things off, the first step to a cybersecure life is by securing your home and family Several years ago, creating a cybersecure home was simple; most homes consisted of nothing more than a wireless network and several computers. Today, technology has become far more complex and […]

5 Great New Features of Apple’s iOS 12

If you’re an iPhone and iPad user, you’re probably already getting notifications about installing Apple’s latest iOS 12 update announced earlier this month. What’s great about iOS 12 is that it’s not focused on ground breaking features, but on helping devices perform better and improve user experience. Before you update your devices (or even if […]

3 Cybersecurity Questions Association CEOs Need to Answer

Culture of cybersecurity

Many businesses face the risk of having their data being attacked by cybercriminals, but sadly, most don’t know it or are simply choosing to ignore reality. Nowadays, cybercriminals do not only attack large multinationals but businesses all sizes. Trade associations, can be a treasure trove for hackers because of their extensive member databases, and hackers […]

The Hidden Costs of Hiring the Wrong Managed IT Support Company

In general, hiring the wrong person for any job comes with regrets later on. While the reasons for recruiting and the circumstances surrounding the entire hiring process may be different, the fact is a bad hire means terrible business and some nonfinancial costs. In this case, we are talking about the wrong managed IT support […]

3 Reasons DFARS Compliance Does Not Mean Security

It has been more than five months since the Dec. 31, 2017, deadline for government contractors to meet DFARS compliance. Businesses of all sizes are still feeling the pressure to implement a System Security Plan (SSP) and Plan of Action & Milestones (POAM). Failing to meet compliance means government contractors run the risk of losing […]

Using Internet Browser Tracking Protection For Your Online Privacy

Everything on the Internet is getting more personal. From targeted advertising to search engines, users are provided with a customized Internet experience based on things like their location, search history and websites visited. Internet companies can track users via cookies – text files that a website stores on your computer after visiting the site – […]

7 Foundational Cybersecurity Controls Every Business Needs


According to the Center for Internet Security (CIS), there are 20 cybersecurity controls that are necessary for a secure IT environment. And, every business, no matter its size and even with a seemingly simple IT infrastructure, needs at least seven of these controls to set the right foundation to minimize the risk of a cyberattack. […]

How to Sell Cybersecurity to Your Management Team

Getting your management team concerned about cybersecurity is a difficult task, especially if you are just starting. While the task may be daunting, it doesn’t change the fact that humans are your cybersecurity’s weakest points. A little misstep on a worker’s part, a click on a phishing link or connection of an infected flash drive […]

3 Keys to DFARS/NIST 800-171 Cybersecurity Compliance

3 Keys to DFARS/NIST 800-171 Compliance

For federals contractor with the Department of Defense (DoD), General Services Administration (GSA), and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Dec. 31, 2017 deadline to comply with DFARS/NIST 800-171 or show a plan to do so has come and gone. Without compliance, your business is not only vulnerable to evolving cyberthreats but also subject […]