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IT services for small business: The importance of safe, reliable file syncing and storage

Dropbox made the news recently, as the file syncing and sharing service suffered an outage that began on Friday, January 10th and led to service disruptions that lasted close to a full weekend, until Sunday the 12th in the late afternoon.  Dropbox users experienced difficulties sharing files and syncing between different devices, leading to frustration and slowdowns in people's work.

Cloud Computing – Adding Clarity to Business Needs

Simple is getting simpler with cloud computing, and businesses are benefitting. Nowadays a password and username are your entranceway into virtual workspace - anyone, anywhere, anytime, any place, any device. Sounds easy, right? It is!  

If you haven’t yet experienced the benefits of cloud technology and don’t know where to begin - start here.

IT Support Without Headaches

Managing IT problems yourself can be frustrating. One minute you think you have a solution; the next, you find a whole other problem than with the one you started. This kind of check-and-fix solution may work for now, but, along with costs, the time it takes to fix IT problems like this can add up quick.