Is It Time for Your Business to Get an IT Security Audit?

business IT security audit

What causes cybersecurity breaches? Many companies use outdated and poorly configured technology, and bad employee cybersecurity habits to protect themselves from hackers. This has led to a high profile of breaches in companies’ data, putting the reputation of most organizations at risk. According to McAfee, companies and consumers lose as much as $575 billion every […]

3 Reasons Using Public Wi-Fi Is the Worst Mistake

why public wi-fi is dangerous

Whether you’re at work, in a bar, a hotel, or an airport, connecting to public Wi-Fi comes with huge risks. The more technology advances, the bigger the risk your personal information will be leaked when connected to public Wi-Fi. Many users connect to public Wi-Fi networks. There is a chance that some users are only […]

5 Key Cybersecurity Benefits of IT Outsourcing

Managed IT Support cybersecurity

It’s a tough world for business owners and executives. It has never been a simple one, but with the ease of opening a business today, the competition is just too much. All businesses today go online. With that comes the added burden of managing to stay safe from online threats and sustaining a proficient IT […]

5 Ways the Equifax Data Breach is a Warning to all Businesses

small business data breach

The Equifax data breach shook everyone. Personal information such as names, birth dates, social security numbers, and addresses, as well as driver’s license numbers of some consumers, were stolen. About 143 million U.S. consumers were affected in what is one of the biggest data breach attacks in history. Equifax revealed that there was unauthorized access […]

Amazon Web Services: Why it’s a Good Place to Host Business Data

AWS hosting for business

As companies adapt to this digital era and start using the internet and other digital resources to operate, they usually start having problems handling all the new data that starts pouring in. As technology becomes more present, the amount of incoming data begins to grow exponentially. To avoid being overwhelmed by all of this information, […]

4 Keys to Choosing the Best Managed IT Support Company

Choosing the Best Managed IT Support Company

IT Infrastructure has become a driving force in the success of many businesses today and your organization is only as good as your IT. From workstations and smartphones to databases, servers, collaboration tools, websites, and cybersecurity. These are just a fraction of the complex and delicate systems and tools that a company’s IT team has […]

[Tip Sheet] Envision Digital Cleaning Checklist

Worried about hackers stealing your files, identity and money? Not sure where to start? Let’s get you IN CHARGE of your digital life Protecting your files, identity and money from hackers may seem like a job for engineers, but here’s a little secret. Staying cybersafe is not about sophisticated tools, and you don’t have to […]

[Tip Sheet] Tips for Parents on Raising Privacy-Savvy Kids

Every child is taught basic physical safety and security, like not talking to strangers and fastening seat belts before driving. Teaching young people easy-to-learn life lessons for online safety and privacy begins with parents leading the way. This tip sheet will walk you through 6 key steps you can start using today to raise privacy-savvy […]

[E-guide] The Parents’ Guide To Protecting Your Family Online

The Internet is here to stay. It can be a powerful tool to access information and communicate instantly across the world, it is an entity that has grown without the benefit of social norms or values. While children may seem to be born with an innate aptitude for technology, cyber crime makes it very important […]