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Data Privacy Day 2019 LiveStream: A New Era in Privacy

Millions of people are unaware of and uninformed about how their personal information is being used, collected or shared in our digital society. As businesses and consumers, we are responsible for getting involved, take action and hold each other accountable Data Privacy Day is an international effort to empower individuals and business to respect privacy, […]

5 Resources for Parents to Keep Kids Cybersafe

In a world of ever growing cyberthreats, children of all ages can be the most vulnerable and the ones that need most guidance to understand the risks, consequences and learn to be smart when using technology. Yet, it is no secret that raise responsible, ethical digital citizens can be quite challenging for parents. If you […]

4 Steps to Creating a Cybersecure Home

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and to kick things off, the first step to a cybersecure life is by securing your home and family Several years ago, creating a cybersecure home was simple; most homes consisted of nothing more than a wireless network and several computers. Today, technology has become far more complex and […]

Using Internet Browser Tracking Protection For Your Online Privacy

Everything on the Internet is getting more personal. From targeted advertising to search engines, users are provided with a customized Internet experience based on things like their location, search history and websites visited. Internet companies can track users via cookies – text files that a website stores on your computer after visiting the site – […]

What is the Dark Web and Why It Can Destroy Your Business

The dark web has been described by so many Internet enthusiasts as the “dark, mysterious parts of the Internet” only those with a special browser can access. One of these is Tor. The Internet is divided into three parts: the surface web, the deep web, and the dark web. The surface web is the part […]

What to Do After Becoming an Identity Theft Victim

CEO Fraud Scam

Identity theft is the No. 1 complaint filed by consumers with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Since 2000, identity theft has consistently been a significant threat to consumers all around the world. It is reported that 40 million Americans fell victims to identity theft in 2016. With this, there is a possibility that you could […]