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MFA: The Cybersecurity Tool That Stops 99% of Attacks

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to have a robust cybersecurity protocol in place for your business. MFA, or multifactor authentication, is one of the most effective ways to stop cyberattacks in their tracks, preventing automated attacks 99% of the time. MFA adds an extra layer of security to your […]

Why Business Associations Should Protect Against Cyber Attacks

IT expert defending against cybercrime

When cybercriminals target big businesses like Yahoo! or Microsoft, it always makes the evening news. But what about the business associations that are just as vulnerable to cybercrime?  A business membership organization handles just as much data as a multinational corporation—names, Social Security numbers, and other valuable financial information. When hackers steal this data, there […]

Take the risk out of working-on-the-go

The future of work is mobile. But you may be worried that working from anywhere, on any device, could expose you to added security risks. Whether you’re a road warrior or remote worker here are some simple tips to stay protected. Bring your own WiFi Working on the go can sometimes make you feel tethered […]

Understanding virtualization and how it relates to cloud technology

You’ve heard about virtualization, but what exactly is it? Virtualization creates a virtual—rather than physical—version of a computer operating system, computer network resource, or storage device. For instance, with your computer, you can create a virtual machine that behaves like a separate physical computer. In this case, your virtual machine co-exists on the same computer […]

Group Exercise Challenges: A Cheap Way to Build and Boost Morale for All! (Even Offsite and Remote Workers)


It isn’t rocket science: Healthier employees are happier employees! Even better, your employees’ happiness ensures higher retention rates while their good health can cost you less money in insurance premiums. With inactive adults costing around $1500 per year more in medical expenses, many insurers are offering significant discounts for the continued implementation of corporate wellness […]

Is Your VOIP Solution Enough? Here’s What Every VOIP System Must Have

Voice over Internet (VOIP) systems have taken over the business world. A VOIP system transforms physical desk phones into a plug and play solution. Your VOIP system provides phone capabilities from any desk phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. VOIP systems are so popular that it’s hard to find a business that hasn’t integrated these […]

4 Reasons Why Your Employees Are the Biggest Cyber Threat

Employees Biggest Cyber threats

When drawing up your cyber security plan, it’s easy to focus on external threats. Hackers and malware are dangerous and need to be targeted, but they might not be your biggest cyber threat. Unfortunately, that distinction belongs to your employees. Here are four reasons your employees might be your biggest cyber threat, and how you […]

5 tips for running a small business from anywhere

The concept of a ‘physical office’ as a small business hub of productivity is quickly being replaced by the connected ‘mobile office,’ which connects employees wherever they happen to be. Today’s business landscape favors those who are nimble and able to adapt rapidly by collaborating on the go, sharing ideas quickly and anticipating customer needs. […]

Nature happens—but it doesn’t have to spell disaster for your business

Security isn’t always about saving your data from high-tech hackers. Sometimes, it’s about protecting your data so you can access it in the event of an emergency. If a natural disaster forced your business to close or go offline for an extended period of time, would you be able to access important files? Would you […]