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How Managed IT Services Improve Patient Care

For those in the medical industry, finding better, more efficient methods of providing holistic patient care is critical. One way this is accomplished, especially in today’s digital age, is through the proper utilization of technology. 

Unfortunately, many medical clinics face major IT challenges, especially when it comes to proactive solutions and compliance support. From proper communication tools and data privacy to adhering to HIPAA regulations, the need for experienced IT assistance is indisputable. 

Fortunately, managed IT services are the perfect solution for medical IT support.

Which Medical Facilities Can Benefit from Managed IT Services?

The healthcare industry is a diverse field in terms of provider specialties and facility structure. Managed service providers provide IT support for all these types of facilities in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at a few medical facilities that MSPs can provide IT support to:

  • Small doctors office: MSPs can assist with streamlining processes, finding better communication tools, and setting up secure networks for patient data.
  • Urgent care centers: MSPs can support urgent care by helping with telemedicine technology, providing access to digital patient records, and setting up secure communication platforms that can keep up with the fast-paced environment.
  • Hospitals: Hospitals can benefit from managed IT services, as a co-managed IT solution or the primary IT support solution. Hospitals need 24/7 assistance with HIPAA compliance, remote medical device management, cloud storage solutions for sensitive documents, and other security measures for protecting their network.

Managed service providers make it easier for healthcare facilities to focus on the task of providing quality patient care without having to worry about the complexities of IT management.

How Does Managed IT Improve Patient Care?

Managed IT services are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital age as a way to ensure that medical facilities remain secure, patient data is properly managed, and communication is seamless. 

Because managed IT can offer such a diverse range of services and solutions in a flexible structure, it is essential for medical facilities to take advantage of this technology to ensure that patients are receiving the highest quality of care. 

Here are a few of the ways managed IT solutions support and improve patient care:

  • Access to digital patient records: With managed IT services, healthcare providers have quick access to secure digital patient records. This makes it easier for them to track changes in patient health over time and make decisions more quickly when needed. Additionally, patients have better access to their medical records through secure portals, helping them to take control of and track their health and treatment.
  • Secure communication: Managed service providers can help set up secure communication platforms so that medical staff can communicate with each other and with patients without compromising any sensitive information.
  • Data privacy solutions and cybersecurity: MSPs can also provide solutions for data privacy and cybersecurity, ensuring that all patient data is properly protected from unauthorized access. Cyberattacks not only negatively affect patient care and facility finances but 20% of healthcare organizations in a recent study reported that cyberattacks actually increased patient mortality rates
  • HIPAA compliance: Finally, managed IT services can help medical facilities stay compliant with HIPAA regulations. This ensures that patient data is properly secure and that any data breaches are quickly reported and contained.

Partner with Envision Consulting for Medical IT Support 

Managed IT services are essential for providing quality care to patients in the medical industry. Without comprehensive IT support, medical facilities may not be able to offer the highest level of care that their patients need. 

To learn more about how managed IT services can help your medical facility provide better patient care, schedule your IT risk assessment with Envision Consulting today! 

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