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How Microsoft 365 Facilitates Secure Digital Transformation

Disruptions have always been one of the leading catalysts for change. Not often, however, do disruptions happen universally, across every business and industry. The wake of COVID-19, however, led the majority of businesses to find ways to respond quickly and efficiently to the frequent changes brought on by the continued uncertainty of a world facing a health crisis. 

Secure digital transformation has been a key factor in adapting to these challenges by allowing companies to stay competitive and protected, and Microsoft 365 helps to facilitate this transformation.

What is Digital Transformation?

With an increase in new technology and software that release seemingly every day, businesses around the globe have found it necessary to quickly adapt to newer, more streamlined processes. Digital transformation is the process of leveraging modern technology and data to enhance processes, projects, and operations. 

So with the influx of businesses moving their operations to the cloud, and some transitioning to fully remote workers, secure digital transformation is key in making sure that operations are running safely and confidently.

How Has Secure Digital Transformation Shaped the Business World During the Last Couple of Years?

Understanding how secure digital transformation has changed companies is allowing managers and business leaders to reexamine their current processes to improve HR, product development, sales, marketing, and the overall customer experience. Let’s take a look at a few ways this transformation has changed the business world:

  • Recruitment and Hiring: Secure digital transformation is allowing companies to better manage the recruitment and hiring tools. This includes streamlining applicant tracking, onboarding, job postings, background checks, and more.
  • Data Collection: Companies can develop a more accurate picture of their customer base by gathering data points, such as demographic information and purchasing history. This allows companies to tailor their products and services to better fit customer needs.
  • AI Integration: Artificial intelligence has been a driving force behind the revolutionary digital transformation. AI provides businesses with insights they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to generate on their own. By leveraging AI technology, businesses are able to automate processes in order to optimize activities and increase efficiency.

What is M365?

Microsoft 365 (M365) is a platform that enables organizations to facilitate secure digital transformation. It offers a complete package with the Microsoft Office Suite, built-in security and compliance safeguards, advanced email solutions, and automated IT management tools. By leveraging this platform, businesses can:

  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): M365 helps protect accounts from unauthorized access by utilizing multi-factor authentication (MFA) options such as biometrics or hardware tokens.
  • Conduct Safe Migration: Whether you’re migrating to the cloud or between different applications in M365, it is crucial that all data is transferred securely during the process. M365 ensures that all data remains secure while being moved and stored on servers.
  • Ongoing Management: Not only does M365 ensure secure migration, it also allows businesses to manage their IT environment with automated tools. This helps to streamline organization-wide procedures and maintain security compliance throughout the company.

Transform Your Business with Microsoft 365

By leveraging Microsoft 365, companies can take advantage of digital transformation without neglecting security. To find out what vulnerabilities you may have in your digital infrastructure and how M365 can help solve them, get an IT risk assessment today from Envision Consulting. With this information, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions about your business’s future success.

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