Hybrid Workforce: How to Increase Collaboration and Productivity Using Microsoft Teams

Workplaces today are not the same ones they have been over a year ago. With safety regulations emphasizing social distancing and staying home, the workforce now consists of in-office and remote employees–with some even having to be in between. A hybrid workforce utilizing products like Microsoft Teams allows employers to safely return some of their team members to the office while still offering flexibility to work remotely, but most importantly, it enables employees to work comfortably in a setting they deem most productive and conducive.

As such, the pandemic has prompted software companies such as Zoom, Google and Microsoft to make sure that it is business as usual, even with the growing demands of hybrid work setup. 

One of the most popular tools to rise is Teams, a Microsoft application designed to streamline workflow for collaborative teamwork between team members working at a distance from each other. It was integrated into the Office 365 Suite with standard office applications and even made available for MAC and iOS-based mobile devices, enabling easier user access.

Empowered employees meet management targets and customer expectations. As more and more organizations are shifting towards hybrid work, here’s how Microsoft Teams can help ensure any workforce stays productive and collaborative with the times.

1. Connect from anywhere*

*From anywhere with an Internet connection, that is, MS Teams allows users to chat and call, attend or conduct virtual meetings and even host live events for up to 10,000 attendees! Conversations can also stay light and fresh with the use of emojis, GIFs, stickers and reactions.

2. Collaborate in real-time

Two (or more) heads are better than one and team members can create, share and exchange ideas whenever using MS Teams. Also, keep things moving forward with shared documents and files always being available for access.

3. Click on the mobile app

Almost no one goes around without a smartphone these days, so the Teams’ mobile application is perfect for being on the go. It comes in handy for a quick check, a power outage or any moment a laptop or a PC is required.

4. Choose from multiple plan options

The basic features of MS Teams are available in the free version, but the Business Basic, Business Standard and E3 subscriptions come with the ideal picks for any organization to be hybrid-ready.

Microsoft Teams Made Easy With Envision!

In conclusion, Microsoft Teams and the Office 365 Suite are worthwhile investments for any workplace with blended work arrangements. 

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