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Is Your IT Compliant? 4 Common Mistakes

A business needs a proper and monitored IT system in order to thrive. Once a system is installed, all systems need to comply with governance and data standards, including security. Here’s the lowdown on four common mistakes and why you need to be aware of your system’s IT compliance.

IT Compliance Mistake 1: Not Updating the System

Your IT system is only as secure as the people using it. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated with their techniques and ways of spreading malware. 

Common mistakes people make with their IT systems include failing to update their virus software or forgetting to update their current applications. Forgetting updates leads to non-compliance with security and leaves the system vulnerable to attack.

Mistake 2: Using Outdated Regulations

IT regulations change constantly, and you need to be up to date in order to comply with the law. What was good practice a year ago may now be hopelessly out of date. 

Be sure to run a regular audit against compliance to test your system. Data protection is a common area that changes regularly. If your system is not up to date, you can get into trouble with privacy laws. 

Examples of changing data protection currently include changes such as the right for people to opt out of mailing lists and laws that control what data you can keep on your system.

Mistake 3: Not Using a Specialist

Small business owners sometimes make the mistake of not using an expert or IT managed services to advise on security and compliance, but rather choosing to do things themselves. An IT expert can spot what is being done well, but also can see where there is a significant risk by not having something in place. 

By using an IT specialist to check your system, you can ensure your business is getting the support it needs to ensure your IT is up to date and compliant with regulations.

Mistake 4: Not Having Mandated Staff Training

Your staff must know the importance of data security and your company policy on computer usage. For example, not using a work computer for personal use. Many systems require staff to undergo training regularly to be IT compliant. 

Make it a mandatory requirement using company policy and annual appraisals for staff to complete training on IT systems and security.

It is easy to be complacent with IT, but adding a few new checks into your business routine will help keep your IT service compliant and your company safe.

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