Is Your VOIP Solution Enough? Here’s What Every VOIP System Must Have

Voice over Internet (VOIP) systems have taken over the business world. A VOIP system transforms physical desk phones into a plug and play solution. Your VOIP system provides phone capabilities from any desk phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

VOIP systems are so popular that it’s hard to find a business that hasn’t integrated these game-changing processes in one way or another. This is because of the incredible amount of benefits VOIP offers:

  • Cost savings, as you no longer have to pay for long-distance calls or expensive phone plans. Instead, you’ll simply be charged on your existing data bill.
  • Scalability that makes it easy to simply add new extensions or move to another location as your business continues to expand.
  • Improved productivity that allows you to start spending time and money on more strategic initiatives.

As more and more businesses migrate to VOIP, however, there are also more choices. Unfortunately, not every VOIP system is created equally. Below are five things your current VOIP solution should offer. If something is missing, your telephone might not be sufficient for your business needs.

Simplified Central Management

A VOIP network is complex, with lots of hardware and users to account for. You must be able to manage everything easily from a single location. With RingCentral, for example, you can control individual phones, or even entire offices from a simple interface. You’ll be able to troubleshoot any problems and monitor activity no matter where you’re working from.

Hardware Flexibility

A VOIP solution needs to work for everybody on the network. Some of your users might need feature-rich desktop phones that allow them to quickly conference with other employees and manage a large contact list. Other users will need the flexibility to jump on their laptop at home for a quick call with a client. The important thing is that your solution allows you to use a wide variety of physical phones, along with fully functional virtual phones that are accessible from anywhere in the world.

Powerful Video Conferencing

If your VOIP system only handles audio data, then it probably isn’t doing enough for you. If you really want to empower your workforce, you want fully functional video conferencing capabilities, too. Video conferencing makes it easy to collaborate across multiple teams and offices, and adds value to a call with your clients. RingCentral actually offers a cloud-based video conferencing system that allows conferencing with up to 50 attendees! Your employees will never need to miss a conference because they’re working from home again.

Reporting Capabilities

No matter what the nature of your business is, you’ll need plenty of reporting capabilities from your phone system. Your customer service team needs to know how many calls they receive, and what they’re about. The sales manager probably wants to track outgoing calls to make sure his team is making enough cold calls each day. The more data your organization has access to, the better you’ll be able to strategize.

You’ll also want the ability to record and save your phone calls. Conference calls can be saved for informational purposes. Customer service and sales calls should be recorded for quality control and spot-checking. No matter how you use your phone system, reporting and recording your calls is incredibly important.

Internet Backup

Voice and data are mission-critical for your business. If your network goes down, you’re going to be unable to service clients or get much work done. That’s why it’s so important to have a second Internet connection for business continuity. If your primary provider goes down, the secondary service will automatically kick in, allowing you to keep placing calls and staying productive. This means your VOIP solution must be able to handle simultaneous different connections. If it doesn’t, then you might need to find another solution that handles your back-up more effectively.

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing VOIP solutions, make sure to check out the RingCentral solution we offer. It offers substantial savings in the cloud, helping you improve productivity and mobility!

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