Managed IT services helping a business with their IT mistakes

3 IT mistakes that will hurt your business

Mistakes can be growth opportunities for businesses. If you are aware of mistakes your business is making, you can fix them, or hire a managed IT services team to fix them, and help your business in the long run.

In this article, we have listed some of the top three IT mistakes that could hurt your business. From a lack of cybersecurity to a short-term technology vision, it’s time to update your IT and protect your data from devastating risks.

1. Improper Backup and Recovery Support

It’s easy to assume your computers will always store data securely. Unfortunately, data disasters happen. As estimated 33% of folders used by companies are open to all employees, making it easy for anyone to access, edit or delete critical documents.

This means that accidents, hardware problems, and cyberattacks could all remove essential documents from your database. Unfortunately, this leads many businesses to declare bankruptcy or deal with permanently stunted growth due to information loss.

Avoid this issue by putting together a disaster recovery and data backup game plan. Don’t assume an auto-save feature or a weekly routine of backing up your data is enough. Ask a dedicated team of IT professionals in your area about data recovery and backup services that protect your company.

2. Little or No Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity comes in many shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to miss a crucial area or let your security systems fall behind modern technology. As you invest time and energy in other areas, you may not even realize you’re at risk for malware.

Without consistent monitoring and routine updates, your business could be hacked and you wouldn’t know it. Prepare for IT solutions that fill gaps in your cybersecurity. Here are some of the most common types of gaps in a company:

  • Hardware that’s obsolete
  • Software that’s not updated
  • Authentication gaps
  • Lack of monitoring

Find affordable ways to update your hardware and software. Receive 24/7 reactive support and proactive, multi-layer support to create the security system your data deserves.

These solutions require experts in the field and a plan that will scale with your business. Choose a managed IT service provider to start out with the coverage you need, then expand your monitoring and security services as your business grows into a thriving organization.

3. No Long-Term Technology Planning

You carefully crafted a business plan to launch your company, so now it’s time to create a technology plan. A detailed plan with a long-range vision gives you the support you need as you make daily decisions.

Schedule a meeting with an industry-leading team in the Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland area. Work with a virtual Chief Information Officer. Discuss your business goals and your industry ambitions with a professional who’s capable of creating a forward-thinking technology plan. 

Avoid These Mistakes With Hassle-Free IT

If a detailed plan, up-to-date security, and routine backup tasks all sound exhausting, then it’s time for managed IT services from Envision Consulting. 

Start your evolution and grow your business with our scalable IT services. Learn from your mistakes, or other business owners’ mistakes, and reach for efficient IT solutions.

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