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In today’s digital world, security is a huge issue, especially when it comes to business’s IT security. With the development of new technology, hackers have been able to create viruses and security breaches on a much larger scale. Many security breaches would have been able to be stopped if businesses simply had better security, as well as increased the security awareness of their employees and authorized users.

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Understand Security Awareness

Security issues can happen much more easily when security awareness is lacking in an organization. Security awareness is both a simple and extremely complex topic. It’s something that’s often thought about in the context of IT, but it could also be applied to anyone working for any organization—even outside of the realm of technology.

Understanding what security awareness is can help us build better business processes that are secure by design, rather than focusing on just building millions of lines of code.

First, let’s look at what security awareness is not:

Security awareness isn’t just about training employees to act in a secure manner; for example, it doesn’t make sense to tell someone who works in the mailroom that they should never open an email attachment unless they know exactly what it is and where it came from. Yes, it’s important to understand email fishing—but they’re also not likely to fall for this type of attack because it doesn’t really apply to them.

This is something that’s not limited by job title, department, or even an employee’s security clearance level.

5 Ways to Get Started

So how do we go about building a corporate culture of security awareness? Here are five ways to get started:

Ready to Build Security Awareness?

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