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Strategic Business IT Consulting


Infrastructure Planning & Implementation


Network and Security Assessments


Envision Hourly Consulting

Strategic Business IT Consulting

The competitiveness of a modern business depends on how well organizational strategy is aligned with IT. We bring our clients the 7C IT Management Framework, a thought provoking methodology designed to evaluate how well 7 key areas of IT are supporting business strategy, and help bringing the organization to the next level. Through the 7C framework, we are able to help you maximize business continuity, increase the bottom line, align business and technology and reduce risk.

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Infrastructure Planning & Implementation

Whether you already have IT infrastructure in place or are starting from scratch, you don’t need to spend precious time and resources researching the hardware, software and licensing requirements that your organization needs to operate.

You can count on us to help you design, implement and configure customized solutions that is supportive of your organization's processes and workflows, leveraging your current technology to keep your business nimble and your costs under control.

Network and Security Assessments

Nothing beats having peace of mind that your business networks have optimum performance and provide you with adequate security to protect data and meet business needs.

Our team of experts evaluate the performance and security of your IT environment to help you identify areas our improvement and implement industry best practices, ensuring protection and compliance with regulatory authorities.

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Envision Hourly Consulting

We understand that sometimes you just need an extra set of hands to help you with specific IT projects, or during busy times and emergencies.

Envision’s flexible service options provide top-tier engineering services on-demand by the hour or for a week, month or a year.

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