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Cloud Computing Services provide information technology (IT) as a service over the Internet or dedicated network, with delivery on demand, and payment based on usage. Cloud computing services range from full applications and development platforms to servers, storage, and virtual desktops.

With the breakthroughs in cloud technology, every organization's servers, software, and networks can now be managed in the cloud. Since all of these productivity tools and processes are located in a single location, you can save costs in comparison with the traditional non-cloud model. Envision will provide you with the manpower required to manage your cloud servers to the top potential output it can bring.

Cloud Consultants from Envision Consulting

As a IT provider specializing in IT consulting, we provide the best solutions according to what your needs are, and what the optimal solution for your unique business. Our cloud services are perfect for businesses that are eager to start deploying cloud to their systems, and also for existing cloud users that want to better utilize the cloud resources they already have.

You can opt to choose one of our cloud consultants to exclusively handle your cloud servers, or have our cloud consulting team to help you with your future plans.

Our Cloud consultants are certified cloud consultants, approved by the leading cloud providers in the world such as Citrix, Cisco Meraki, AWS, Azure, and Windows Hyper V. We have undergone several engagements regarding cloud installations, analytics, networking, automation, and much more.

Envision Consulting's cloud computing team is comprised of hand-picked consultants including project managers, implementers, industry experts, researchers, research evaluators and analysts with years of experience in delivering the complex projects.

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Our Cloud Consultants can help you address real business needs



Your IT resources grow with your business size, so capacity will always match your needs. You can increase or reduce storage capacity in just minutes- not days



We partner with the world’s leading cloud providers to offer you the most secure (physical and virtual) and compliant infrastructure used by the likes of Netflix, AirBnB and NASA.



Empower your business with access to files and business applications from any computer, tablet, and smartphone anytime, anywhere in the world.



The cloud cuts out the high cost of purchasing hardware for a pay as you go subscription model, making your budget and cash flow predictable. Only pay for how much server space you use.



Having your data and infrastructure safely housed and backed up offsite means that if disaster strikes, you only need computer and access to the Internet to be back in business



Migrating your data to the cloud, you can say goodbye to costly investments and complex maintenance of in-house servers, without losing control and access while saving on your electric bills.

Our Cloud Partners Include

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