Co-Managed Solutions


Full Control, Visibility and Best Practices for Your IT Department

Your IT team works hard to keep your business running smoothly and supporting users with their every need. But without adequate and customized tools they gets stuck supporting day-to-day requests, and don-t have the time for more important strategic projects. Our co-managed IT gives your IT Department full visibility, control and best practices through:

  • An integrated suite of industry-leading IT management tools designed to work together. The same we use to manage thousands of users
  • Customization of our suite of products to match your workflows and business goals without the exorbitant up-front costs
  • Best practices so that you can maximize the technical and financial value of your investment
  • On-demand technology expertise to help you with day-to-day support tickets and more complex and strategic IT projects

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Focus On The Important, Not The Urgent

For The Business Executive

  • Support cost-efficiency and ROI
  • Make more informed strategic decisions
  • Improve business productivity
  • Reduce downtime
  • Focus more on the business rather than worrying
    about IT

For The IT Manager

  • Have real-time, full visibility of IT assets for better decision making
  • Save time with task automation
  • Centralize and streamline user support requests
  • Focus your efforts on higher-skilled, strategic projects
  • Escalate tickets to Envision engineers on-demand

Integrated Tools You Need To Succeed


Co-Managed IT Service Desk

We provide you with the same ticketing, dispatching and time entry functionalities that we use to manage requests of thousands of users. We understand that as you grow and technology needed to support the organization gets more complex, you need the management and control capabilities to efficiently support the organization

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Monitoring, Automation & Patching

Scalability is one of the biggest challenges of a growing business. Increasing complexity oftentimes leaves IT staff underutilized, focusing on day-to-day software installations and user support. We provide you with a Global Client Management platform that allows for full visibility, reporting and automation of tasks

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End-User IT Support Desktop Application

Streamlining IT support is only possible if your users have an easy way of requesting help, managing tickets and communicating with your IT team. We provide you with a very user-friendly desktop application which serves as a one-stop shop for IT support and integrates with your ticketing and monitoring systems

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Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

What gets measured, gets managed. We consolidate all your key data into a centralized business intelligence platform to help you analyze and measure everything in your IT operations. Through intuitive dashboards you can visualize system and network health, engineer productivity or any performance indicators that are most helpful to your organization

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IT Documentation Software

Document your applications, devices, passwords and all other IT assets in a secure, best practices-driven IT documentation platform packed with features designed to help you maximize efficiency, transparency and consistency

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On-Demand Helpdesk Ticket Escalation

A great benefit of working with Envision is that we don’t just provide you with the IT management tools to succeed, but are also your partner in times when you need help managing requests due to work volume, complexity or when IT staff goes on vacation

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