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Enjoy reliable server uptime and lower maintenance costs with our remote server monitoring solution.

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There are different reasons why companies spread their IT infrastructure across several locations, but the leading reason is to lower downtime.

Unplanned downtime is a threat to every business activity. Aside from financial losses, potential and existing clients often lose trust in services when they are inaccessible or experiencing downtime. When the systems go down, employees also lose access to operational essentials for their jobs, which can hinder current and potential client communications.

Now, having a separate server running at a different location can solve the problem. But these servers need a person to monitor the hardware, plus the software running within it. Hiring people that are versed in networking and server management at different locations may be costly and is impractical to implement when you can simply assign it to a remote server monitoring provider.

By deploying remote server monitoring, you can keep your systems running by proactively watching for and dealing with issues before they become critical.

Remote server management from Envision Consulting

At Envision Consulting, we have decades of experience working with servers. Our remote server monitoring management helps businesses that want to get the most out of their remote servers. Our proactive 24/7 monitoring service keeps your business up to date on server activity, threats, and capacity. This also extends to keeping these servers safe and secure from any potential vulnerabilities able to harm all connected users, including employees, clients, and suppliers.

Additionally, we offer to provide onsite support in the case of a hardware issue.

We are driven by our commitment to provide a reliable and cost-effective remote server system, taking into consideration how vital this aspect of your business is to productivity and operational success.

server monitoring in progress

We will provide you with a trusted server monitoring software that should unlock these capabilities.

  • Identify and troubleshoot issues related to server hardware health
  • Monitor the overall performance and availability of your remote servers
  • Identify other performance issues related to response time, resource utilization, app downtime, etc.
  • Remotely remediate performance issues, including rebooting servers, restarting websites, and more.

Other key features of our service include the following.

  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Client-server architecture inclusive of web support
  • Open architecture that promises flexibility while simultaneously monitoring stability and consistency
  • Support for both dispersed as well as centralized IT infrastructures
  • Well-built techniques for user verification and validation
  • User-friendly web portal with easy access to real-time operational data, inventory status, network status, and dynamically generated reports

Working With Envision Means


True Proactive IT Management

Our multi-layered, structured process is designed to measure everything within your IT infrastructure, helping you break away from the traditional ‘firefighting’ approach that creates frustration and is a major hurdle to maximizing uptime


Scaling Your IT On-Demand

Landing some contracts or clients can lead to fast growth in your business. Our team is ready to help you scale your IT resources to match those needs in a structured, professional way


Business Continuity

Empower your business with access to files and business applications from any computer, tablet, and smartphone at anytime, anywhere in the world


Data Security & Compliance

We provide multiple layers of security and partner with the world’s leading cloud providers to offer you the most secure (physical and virtual) and compliant infrastructure used by the likes of Netflix, AirBnB and NASA


Fully Mobile Business

Our cloud services empower your employees to work wherever they are assigned, and our staff are ready to support you no matter where you are


Predictable Budget

Our fixed, per-user cost and transparent pricing help make your budget and cash flow predictable

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