The Ultimate Guide To Managing Your Online Privacy Settings

4 Critical Facebook Privacy Settings You Should Check Right Now

It’s not a secret that companies collect data on us all the time. Whenever we download an app, use email or social media, browse online or make purchases, providers are gathering incredible amounts of data on who we are and our habits. What is more troublesome is that this data is often commercially sold without our knowledge (think Facebook), or stolen through data breaches and placed on underground marketplaces.

Just because you think there’s nothing in your life to hide, remember: Online privacy has less to do with what you are doing, and more to do with who you are AND what you are doing. On the Internet, data has high value. It’s stolen, sold, collected and analyzed (Norton).

You can start taking an active role in our own online privacy and minimize the amount of data that is collected about you by reviewing and changing the privacy settings of your online accounts.

Since this can seem like an overwhelming task, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of links that you can use to get started.