Microsoft OneNote Productivity

Use Microsoft OneNote as Your Productivity Superpower

For list makers and note takers everywhere, Microsoft OneNote is an excellent way to increase daily productivity levels. Forget about scribbling notes throughout the day and then losing those handwritten notes made on that napkin from lunch. Make OneNote your online digital notebook for every creative thought, “to-do list” item, deadline for work tasks, or as a way to get notifications for important daily events on your calendar. This is the perfect method for capturing, storing, and disseminating information.

Main Features of OneNote

With the OneNote app, you can take notes on all your mobile devices and enjoy easy accessibility of the information this Office 365 application offers. Some invaluable benefits of OneNote through Office 365 include: • Collaboration – Users have the ability to collaborate with anyone – wherever they are – through OneNote. Stay connected with team members and share ideas. You can simply identify and validate authors through their incorporated identity profiles. OneNote allows you to participate in online meetings and share notes. • Cloud Storage – With OneNote, you can create a digital notebook on OneDrive or save it to your organization’s site. Access, edit, sync, and share that information with anyone at any time. • Device Syncing – The OneNote program allows users to synchronize data on all devices such as PCs, Mac, iPads, Android devices, or smartphones. Saving and syncing data occurs automatically so you can focus on getting creative, not having to worry whether or not your information is safe. Access to the free Office Online is available through most browsers. • Take Notes – You can use your finger, stylus, or mouse on touch screen devices to take notes, sketch, or draw. Handwritten notes can automatically convert to text. • Files, Excel & Visio – You can attach computer files to your notes so that you have access to them in your digital notebook. You have the ability to create or import Visio Diagrams or Excel Spreadsheets to OneNote and revise information.

Embrace Your Superpower with OneNote

Take charge of your life by embracing your superpower with OneNote and increasing your daily productivity level. So often we have ideas flowing at random times and then we forget to write them down—or if we do scribble them on a sticky note, we lose it. Make OneNote the online hub for all your ideas and become more productive. • Get Creative – Have fun and let the ideas flow from your mind to your digital OneNote notebook. Who knows when that next great idea will come and you do not want to forget about it! • Be Smart – Keep your gold mine of ideas stored safely in the OneNote vault. When you need to go back to check your task list or remember that great idea you had, you’ll know just where to look. • Fill Your Space – Add thoughts, files, photos, documents, screenshots, and any other wide array of information to fill your OneNote space with relevant data. This is the perfect way to brainstorm and capture your ideas in one space. • Think Ahead – Add content from PowerPoint and Word to your OneNote notebook so you have easy access to current work projects. Maximize your train ride or shared ride to work by reviewing that information and getting ahead before you get to the office. • Share the Wealth – Be proactive and share your pinned ideas, added files, and whatever else you’re working on with colleagues so that you get constructive feedback and can collaborate on projects in the workplace. Embrace your superpower with OneNote and accomplish great feats each day.
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Envision Consulting

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