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Our mission is to help build the technology foundation your business needs to grow and succeed

Our passion: Building long-term, healthy relationships

We started Envision Consulting for businesses that share our passion for building long- term and healthy relationships. While we might be technology experts, we’ve always known that trust, reliability and looking after a client’s best interest are paramount to succeeding in business.

But in 2001 and to this day, there were few managed IT providers available that embodied our customer-centric values. There were countless support companies more interested in reacting to issues than paving the road forward for clients, making it far too difficult to build long-term relationships. We felt a strong pull to make something different, and we did.

Today Envision Consulting partners with small, medium and fast-growing organizations in the Greater Washington D.C. area on their journey to growth and business maturity. Through our customer-centric culture and process-driven approach to managing IT, we are excited to continue paving the road forward for businesses for many years to come.


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Envision is your business-minded
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Here are four great reasons why

The guiding principles behind everything we do

We Are Positive

We cultivate a culture where positivity and a “can-do” attitude are an integral part of our DNA. We look for team members who continuously choose to have a positive mentality in their daily lives, focusing on solutions instead our roadblocks and encouraging others to do the same. They bring fun and humor into daily work. We know there will always be stressful days when it’s hard to keep our head up. But we strongly believe that approaching every team, client or vendor interaction with a positive mindset is key to getting us through tough times, and is a contagious force that makes Envision a more fulfilling and fun place to work.

We are Open, Honest, and Respectful

We believe trust is the foundation of our business and its key to developing true and meaningful relationships. We encourage every team member to actively voice their point of view openly and respectfully, even it leads to healthy conflict. We approach every interaction with clients, vendors or co-workers with empathy and compassion. This doesn’t mean always agreeing with what others say but remembering ‘they may not know what you know’ (especially when it comes to technology), and that there’s another side to every story.

We Work as a Team

Envision succeeds as a company when we collectively create a superior client experience. We work hard to build a friendly team that embraces diversity of thought, opinions and backgrounds, and supports each other in pursuit of shared and personal goals. Each of our roles is critical to Envision Consulting’s overall success. We achieve more when we show up for one another and lend a helping hand in times of need, and we count on every team member to always make meaningful contributions.

We Own It

We own and are accountable for every part of our work. The successes, failures and everything in between. As an interdependent team, we all have a key role to play and every team member’s individual success is dependent on another’s job. We believe failure is an inherent part of life that creates opportunities for team and individual growth. Being open and honest when something goes sideways or when we’ve made a mistake is the best and fastest way of correcting an issue, improving our work and building trust. Bottom-line: We don’t hide behind technology.

We Pursue Learning and Embrace Change

We are in an industry that is constantly evolving. Technology evolves, the way we deliver services evolves. If we stand still, we’ll be behind in no time and we want a team that is comfortable with new challenges and growth.  Our team greatly benefits when we all bring curiosity and an active pursuit of learning (personally and professionally) to work. Even better, when we share that knowledge and experience and are open to learning from anyone.

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Our Clients Tell Their Envision Story

“Trust and honesty are the foundation of a succesful relationship with an MSP and is exactly what we found on Envision since day 1.

Envision is an innovative and forward looking partner that has guided our organization’s technology neds. In our 5 years working together, we modernized our antiquated IT environment and replaced it with a cloud-best set-up, enhancing our ability to stay connected and do our jobs the best way that we possibly can”

Spenser Villwock

CEO, Independent Electrical Contractors

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