3 Apps to Spring Clean Your Office Space

Have you ever thought about going paperless? Do you write notes for yourself but can’t seem to remember where you keep all your lists? Is your workspace so disorganized that you need your own personal assistant? If you answered yes to these questions, it’s time to start cleaning up!

Spring is the season for new beginnings and getting a fresh start. If you feel the need to purge unwanted papers and mess in your office space, you can use technology to organize the chaos and bring back a sense of organization. Mobile apps like Scannable, Post-It Plus, and File This are must-haves for daily office life. Embrace these innovative apps and allow new technology to spring clean your office space.

Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable enables users to go paperless as they scan documents. These high-quality scans are then quickly available to save or share with others.

Take this app for a test drive after your next networking event. Scan the business cards you collected during those networking conversations into the system. They’ll be ready whenever you need to contact someone, since the app saves each person’s business card information as a contact profile. You won’t fill up the camera roll on your mobile device when items are scanned. They get saved directly to the app program storage. Keep your spring cleaning going by saving complete documents with multiple pages, so you can share them later via email.

Post-It Plus

If you’ve been crowded out of your own office space by a rainbow of Post-It notes, it’s time to get organized and spring clean your office space with 3M’s mobile app Post-It Plus, which is currently only available on iOS devices. This app, which is a must-have for list makers and note keepers, lets you can up to 50 Post-It notes in a single photograph. Keep the organizational power flowing by using the app to separate those notes into various groupings. You can easily create and organize digital notes to share with individuals. The best feature of this app is that it supports Dropbox, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and various digital formats that you can access across all your devices. Spring cleaning your office space with this app will help you to become a more effective team member.

File This

Take spring cleaning to a new level in your office space as you get more organized and stop losing valuable documents in that massive paper pile on your desk. File This, which is available for free download on both Android and iOS devices, can become your very own personal assistant that expertly processes your paperwork. Documents like case files, reports, invoices, etc., can be automatically compiled and arranged in the easy to use digital filing cabinet. File This stores data in the cloud, so you’ll have access to your documents from all your devices anywhere and at any time. The app can run on autopilot for set documents that are uploaded automatically on a regular schedule. The app also allows you to store email attachments and organize receipts via the File This Cloud.

Embrace spring cleaning with vigor as you use these mobile apps to revolutionize your office space and professional life. With these apps, you can save time, enhance your workplace efficiency, and enjoy your lunch hour outside in the fresh air, rather than remain stuck at your desk eating while drowning in paperwork.

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