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Advantages of Cloud Computing

Cost-savings, enhanced security, and scalability are just some of the reasons companies large and small should consider the advantages of cloud computing. Consider these five real-time benefits that come with cloud computing.  Cost-Savings The initial investment in cloud-based IT solutions is much lower than that of an in-house equivalent. Therefore, you may avoid purchasing most […]

Amazon Web Services: Why it’s a Good Place to Host Business Data

AWS hosting for business

As companies adapt to this digital era and start using the internet and other digital resources to operate, they usually start having problems handling all the new data that starts pouring in. As technology becomes more present, the amount of incoming data begins to grow exponentially. To avoid being overwhelmed by all of this information, […]

Freedom in the cloud: Micro-businesses, this means YOU

Time is money, so everyone says. And small businesses may know it best. When you’ve bet your success (and all the capital you can get your hands on) on a personal vision, there isn’t a lot of time or money left over to sweat the details. Even if you’re aware getting the details right could […]

7 Reasons Small Businesses Switch to Cloud-Based Software

Cloud computing can not only help reduce upfront computing costs, it can also help your business become more efficient. Small-business owners often have big dreams. Whether that dream is to keep your business small or to grow it into a big business, you want your business to run as smoothly as possible—every step of the […]