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5 Signs Your IT Support Company Is Putting You At Risk

Many outsourced IT support companies claim to be proactive in managing technology and preventing security breaches when in reality they focus more on reacting than preventing issues. That reactionary approach can cause needless frustration for business owners. It results in sub-par systems and service, unpredictable IT expenses, increased risk of data breaches, loss of revenue, […]

5 Valid Reasons No One Likes the IT Guy/Gal – and Why They’re Wrong

IT Consultant

Imagine being the IT person for a second – having to swoop in like a bespectacled Batman, saving the ignorant populous from their own mistakes.  Of course, after these incomparable feats of heroism, the IT person is not held up as a savior. Instead, they are villainized, receiving nothing but a half-hearted “thanks.” Why is […]

Four Keys for Planning a Good Small Business IT Budget

IT Budget Strategy

While the chance to lobby for a budget on behalf of your IT team and its goals can be exciting, it can also be a stressful endeavor – especially for the IT manager of a small business or organization that doesn’t have the resources of larger businesses. Balancing the requirements of keeping the IT department […]

Are You Ready For an IT Consultant? Here’s 4 Ways to Tell If You’re In Over Your Head!

IT Consultant

IT is an increasingly complex business function, but many businesses still hesitate to bring in outside help. They’re willing to tackle IT projects themselves, to the detriment of themselves and their businesses. If you’re considering bringing in an IT consultant, here are four simple ways to tell whether or not you’re in over your head: […]

Use Social Selling to Increase Business Sales

Finding new customers is critical to keeping your business going and increasing profits. But, how do you find and attract the buyers that need your products and services? Calling or emailing a stranger used to be the way. Now, unsolicited calls and emails are less effective than ever at sparking a conversation. Just look at […]

A 7-Step Canvas to Turn IT into a Competitive Advantage

One of the hardest departments to manage, as an executive in a small or mid-size organization, is IT. Unfortunately, many organizations are unable or unwilling to invest in an entire IT department. For them, IT is simply an afterthought and necessary cost of doing business; something that can be set aside and looked at only […]