Envision Consulting’s Top Financial Executive Cybersecurity Event Showcases World’s Most Famous Hacker

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Envision Consulting’s Top Financial Executive Cybersecurity Event Showcases World’s Most Famous Hacker
Registration for this exclusive event is now open to Investment Advisor Executives and Compliance Officers
[Alexandria, VA – July 22, 2016] – What do the World’s Most Famous Hacker, a financial tech entrepreneur, and class-act financial executives have in common? Envision Consulting’s Top Executive Cybersecurity Show of 2016. This exclusive event taking place October 19 in McLean, VA, will host legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick and FPPad founder Bill Winterberg, CFP®. No other financial sector event offers this level of value in both educational resources and entertainment.

Are You Able To Withstand OCIE Cyber Security Initiative Scrutiny? Eight Quick Tips For Compliance

The OCIE Cyber security Initiative scrutinizes a person's cyber security risk evaluation, threat detection, protective measures, and response plans to cyber attacks. There's more than one kind of inspection or examination a person could face from the OCIE: these include a standard examination assessing overall security practices and a close inspection of the firm following a particular problem.

Personalized IT Consulting For The RIA

Technology is definitely in the picture for the future of financial professionals. But the field is changing rapidly. According to a poll by CNBC recently 51% of investors describe themselves as actively involved in their portfolio, contrasted with 39% in 2010. This activity spanned different age groups: investors in their 30s and in their 70s showed similar usage rates.

RIAs & Envision Consulting

Envision Consulting provides advisors with tailor made technology solutions that support growth, efficiency, and productivity. Services include full service IT management and infrastructure planning, SEC compliant cybersecurity audits and consulting, network and cloud consulting, 24/7 helpdesk and on-site computer support, cloud virtual desktops, e-mail hosting and archiving, data backup and recovery, file synchronization, business application hosting, and VOIP communications.

Why Cloud Computing Solutions Work For RIAs

As an RIA, your idea of cloud computing solutions probably has something to do with security risks, privacy, and protecting sensitive information. While shifting to a cloud-based infrastructure does require instituting policies for due diligence and oversight of vendors, it is also important to understand that cloud computing is much more than that.