5 Great Outlook For Mobile Time Saving Tips

When it comes to Outlook for Mobile on your smartphone, there's lots more than meets the eye. There are many hidden features that can save you precious time.

Today, we bring you 5 great Outlook for Mobile tips and tricks to start using today.
Tip 1: Morning triage made easy with one swipe
It’s Monday morning, and you’re running between meetings with just a few minutes to spare.

5 Essential Tech Tips for Cybersafe Summer Travel

Here's an interesting fact: Did you know nearly two thirds of American families will head out of town this summer?
Theme parks, cruises and international travel top the 2019 summer travel list. As everyone knows, no matter where you’re headed, being continuously connected is part of the plan.

Don’t want your accounts hacked? Google says two-factor authentication is your best bet

If getting your online accounts hacked (email, social media, financial accounts, etc.) keeps you up at night, or worries you at least a bit, there's a bit of good news for users and business alike!

The war against cybercriminals may never be won, but the results of a year-long study conducted by Google with New York University and the University of California, San Diego show some promising results on the effectiveness of two-step and two-factor authentication to prevent online account hijacking.

5 Outlook Productivity Tips You May Not Know About

Outlook may be such a mundane part our our daily work life that we often forget it is a tool built for way more than email and calendar, and there are may hidden features that can help us be more productive at work.
Here's a 5 Outlook Productivity Tips You May Not Know About
1. Create Tasks from Emails for Quick Note Taking
You may be aware that Outlook allows you to create and maintain a to-do list (or "Task as it's called in Outlook) with reminders, as well as the Follow-Up feature that you can add to an email in your inbox.

[Infographic] Data Tech Giants Collect About You

It is not a secret that technology companies collect a wide range of data about who we are, our behaviors and even location. But have you ever wondered what do tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Apple know about you specifically?

We have the answer! This infographic gives you a breakdown on what personal information each of the 6 companies have publicly admitted to collecting, according to their privacy policies.