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Freedom in the cloud: Micro-businesses, this means YOU

Time is money, so everyone says. And small businesses may know it best. When you’ve bet your success (and all the capital you can get your hands on) on a personal vision, there isn’t a lot of time or money left over to sweat the details. Even if you’re aware getting the details right could […]

Tips for Remote Workers to Stay Healthy

Tips for Remote Workers to Stay Healthy

Consider this – 3.7 million people in the United States work from home at least half of the time.  Growth in technology is no doubt the culprit behind this statistic, as telecommuting has grown by a whopping 103% since 2005.  Simply put, it’s easier to get your work done while sitting in your jammies these […]

BYOD vs CYOD: Choosing the Right Solution for Your Business


The concept of using personal devices for work has become increasingly common over the past decade. Employees use personal laptops to do a bit of work during the evening, and then grab their cell phone to check emails Saturday afternoon. IT Managers are left to ponder the implications of using these devices and their effect […]

4 Best Practices for Managing a Distributed Workforce

More than ever, it’s common for workforces to be distributed across many locations. Remote offices across the country are the norm, and having ancillary offices in another country is nothing unusual. Even employees in the same office as you are likely telecommuting at least a couple days a month. And no matter where your employees […]