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From Start to Finish: How to Create a Password Policy for Your Small Business 

man working on computer at desk with strong password policy

Considering that nearly two-thirds of people reuse the same password over multiple accounts, a strong and up-to-date password policy is more important than ever to keep your business safe from hackers and data breaches. With the right tools and strategies, you can create an effective password policy that provides robust protection for all of your […]

5 Goals to Set for Data Privacy Week

padlock on credit cards for data privacy concept

Every January, we have the opportunity to reflect on our cybersecurity measures during Data Privacy Week. For those of us who value our privacy (which is hopefully everyone), this week is a great reminder to check in and ensure that we’re doing all we can to protect our digital information!  With so many new cyber […]

How to Balance Digital Adoption and Cybersecurity Within Your Organization

manager outlining digital adoption strategy to employees

In the past few decades, we have begun to see a unique and noticeable divide in the business community’s approach to new tech. Many managers or owners are foaming at the mouth, searching for the next technological breakthrough that promises to slash costs and boost productivity. On the other hand, we see some business owners […]

10 Attainable Cybersecurity Goals to Set for Your Business in the New Year

top view of business managers working on cybersecurity goals

In recent years, the topic of cybersecurity has moved from the IT department to the board room. As attacks increase and the consequences of shutdowns and penalties—both regulatory and in terms of lost customer support—become more apparent, proper cybersecurity is not just important, it is a necessity. In the past year alone, we saw a […]

How to Improve Your SMB’s Cybersecurity Infrastructure By EOD

man working on his computer at his desk learning about ways to improve cybersecurity infrastructure

Perhaps the largest concerns around cybersecurity are time and cost. Cybersecurity can quickly become a full-time job, and the price tag for top-of-the-line cybersecurity tools can be hefty. So how do you improve your SMB’s cybersecurity infrastructure without breaking the bank or dedicating an inordinate amount of time to it?  Believe it or not, there […]

7 Easily Adopted Cybersecurity Tips for Employees

woman working in server room improving cybersecurity for employees

For smaller businesses or companies with limited resources, it’s easy to look at cybersecurity as something unattainable. However, cybersecurity should be a priority for businesses of all sizes. Not only can a data breach have serious financial repercussions, but it can also damage your company’s reputation.  The fact is, most data breaches are caused by […]

How to Build a Cybersecurity Culture and Improve Employee Habits

employees implementing cybersecurity culture within their company to protect their systems and data

An often overlooked, yet crucial, part of any cybersecurity strategy is culture. It’s not enough to have the latest and greatest cybersecurity technology if your employees don’t know how to use it or follow best practices. Building and nurturing an environment that shifts focus from cybersecurity as an end goal to part of everyday work […]

Implementing a Security Culture To Improve Cyber Resilience

employees in business meeting discussing the importance of cybersecurity culture in their workplace

Because cybersecurity has been a topic of such intense debate and scrutiny, many businesses are searching for a surefire way to protect their company, data, and clients. As the focus on cybersecurity begins to shift to cyber resiliency, businesses are turning their attention to implementing a security culture that transcends a shortsighted, reactive cybersecurity approach.  […]

Securing your SMB with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

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Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are under constant threat from cyber criminals, and yet many of them don’t have the resources to properly secure their systems. This leaves these businesses vulnerable to data theft, ransomware attacks, and other malicious activities. The NIST Cybersecurity Framework is one solution companies can turn to in order to improve […]

Making The Proactive Shift from Cybersecurity to Cyber Resilience

Cyber security expert helping coworker

Cybersecurity has been a hot topic for businesses as technology has been integrated into many (if not all) processes within companies. However, it can be easy to become complacent in your cybersecurity approach. Shifting your focus to cyber resiliency as a more proactive system of defense can garner measurable results.  What is Cyber Resilience? Cyber […]