5 Great Outlook For Mobile Time Saving Tips

When it comes to Outlook for Mobile on your smartphone, there's lots more than meets the eye. There are many hidden features that can save you precious time.

Today, we bring you 5 great Outlook for Mobile tips and tricks to start using today.
Tip 1: Morning triage made easy with one swipe
It’s Monday morning, and you’re running between meetings with just a few minutes to spare.

5 Benefits of Skype for Business

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud subscription-based version of its productivity software suite created for teams and organizations that want to get things done fast. With all the good benefits of Office 365 -- primarily the integration of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and One Drive into one package – many businesses have switched to Office 365 for Business.

How Microsoft Teams Can Transform Business Collaboration

If you are an Office 365 subscriber, have you heard of Microsoft Teams? Truth is, most Office 365 users are unaware they have access to a very powerful team collaboration platform.

There have been virtual workspace applications designed to make team collaboration integration possible (think projects and document collaboration, e.g. chat and video/calls). But when it comes to security and virtually seamless integration with other pieces of the Office 365 suite, Microsoft Teams has an edge.

Use Microsoft OneNote as Your Productivity Superpower

For list makers and note takers everywhere, Microsoft OneNote is an excellent way to increase daily productivity levels. Forget about scribbling notes throughout the day and then losing those handwritten notes made on that napkin from lunch. Make OneNote your online digital notebook for every creative thought, “to-do list” item, deadline for work tasks, or as a way to get notifications for important daily events on your calendar.

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