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4 ways M365 can be beneficial to your business

Microsoft 365, once known as Office 365, is a subscription service bundle from Microsoft that unlocks access to the famed Microsoft Office product lineup. A subscription to Microsoft 365, or “M365,” gives a business access to a host of benefits. We have outlined some of these benefits in the article below.

M365 Offers:

Highly Accessible and Secure Storage

When a business subscribes to M365, they’ll gain access to the desktop and mobile versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. However, they’ll also be able to use the web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Best of all, no matter which tool you’re using, you’ll receive one TB of storage through the OneDrive cloud to help keep your documents in order.

OneDrive cloud storage isn’t just highly secure, it’s also highly accessible. By storing your files in the cloud, M365 helps your team access their documents and continue working from across devices–all they need is an internet connection. With mobile and remote work becoming commonplace, cloud storage is a must for businesses to support productivity.

Predictable and Scalable Costs

M365 is charged per user, which makes costs highly predictable and scalable. What’s more, one license covers all Office apps across five computers, five tablets and five phones for each user on your team, offering the utmost in flexibility. 

You’ll pay a given amount each month based on the number of users you have. The cost per user license is dependent on the tier you subscribe to.

Robust Systems Ensure Continuity

Cloud storage means your files are not only securely stored, but backed up regularly. This means whether physical devices go missing, data is stolen, or a disaster occurs at the office, your files are safe. Businesses can easily restore documents, emails and even entire inboxes with a couple of clicks.

Another essential step in reducing downtime and keeping employees going is automated updates for all software. With M365, updates will never slow down your workday as you can schedule them to happen at a predetermined interval. Likewise, you’ll know your team is always on the latest version, so there’s less risk of security vulnerabilities.

Centralized Collaboration

With M365, your team can effortlessly share calendars, contacts, mailboxes, and documents in real-time. Plus, collaboration tools help them edit and work together side-by-side, so everyone’s on the same page. With SharePoint, multiple users can co-author documents and share them as a link in an email with ease. When collaborating, colored flags help team members identify each other. 

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To put it simply, the features M365 provides are unmatched. If you think it’s the right solution for your business, Envision can help. Consult with our team today to discuss your M365 implementation and IT managed services that can grow your company.

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