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Is Your IT Solutions Provider Protecting You From Supply Chain Attacks? 

As technology advances and business processes are increasingly automated, cyber criminals are finding new ways to evolve their attacks on businesses. They can now penetrate a company’s systems through various methods, damaging and stealing sensitive and private information.

One way hackers are wreaking havoc is through supply chain attacks. This type of malicious attack is becoming common due to the amount of companies that use suppliers and other third parties for production and resources. One report proved that in 2021, supply chain attacks increased three-fold.

In this post, we’ll discuss what exactly supply chain attacks are and how to prevent them from happening and affecting your company.

What Are Supply Chain Attacks and Why Are They a Threat?

Supply chain attacks occur when hackers infiltrate a company’s systems through its suppliers. This can be done by compromising the supplier’s systems or by planting malware on the products they provide to the company. Once the malware is installed, it can spread throughout the company’s networks and steal sensitive data.

These attacks are so effective because hackers can avoid detection or drawing attention without close observation to detail. Some other common methods of carrying out an attack include:

  • Manipulating a company’s supply chain through social engineering.
  • Installing backdoors or vulnerabilities in products before they reach the company.
  • Using pirated software or hardware that contains malware.

These attacks are a serious threat to businesses because they can lead to the theft of sensitive data, financial loss, and reputational damage. They can also be difficult to detect and prevent.

How to Prevent Supply Chain Attacks

Businesses can work to prevent supply chain attacks by implementing strong security measures and diligently checking the security of their suppliers. They can also:

  • Check the software and hardware that their suppliers use for malware or backdoors.
  • Regularly audit their suppliers’ systems for vulnerabilities.
  • Monitor their networks for any signs of unusual activity.
  • Educate their employees on the importance of security and how to spot possible attacks.

By taking these precautions, companies can help to protect themselves from supply chain attacks. However, you need to remember that no security measure is perfect, and companies should always be prepared for the possibility of an attack.

How to Ensure Your IT Provider is Effectively Protecting You

An effective way to prevent attacks is to ensure that your IT solutions provider is taking the necessary precautions. This includes implementing strong security measures, evaluating suppliers for possible vulnerabilities, and monitoring supply chain networks for suspicious activity.

If you’re unsure if your current IT provider is effectively protecting your business, reach out to them about their security process. Alternatively, you can contact Envision Consulting today for a security assessment to evaluate your current protection coverage.

Businesses can help to protect themselves from cyberattacks by performing an updated evaluation. We can help you implement strong security measures to guarantee maximum safety.

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