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[Infographic] Your Privacy in a Growing Internet of Me

Data about you can be used in a variety of ways, sometimes in ways you wouldn’t expect or even approve. That’s why it’s important to understand the value of your personal information and how to manage it when possible.

Learn how to manage your privacy in a growing Internet of Me – and join the greater Data Privacy Day effort. Click the image below to view the infographic


This article was originally produced by Stay Safe OnlineEnvision is an official National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion and partner with the STOP.THINK.CONNECT. global campaign

Envision Consulting

Envision Consulting

We started Envision Consulting for businesses that share our passion for building long- term and healthy relationships. While we might be technology experts, we’ve always known that trust, reliability and looking after a client’s best interest are paramount to succeeding in business. But in 2001 and to this day, there were few managed IT providers available that embodied our customer-centric values. There were countless support companies more interested in reacting to issues than paving the road forward for clients, making it far too difficult to build long-term relationships. We felt a strong pull to make something different, and we did.